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Professional Liability Insurance for Construction Contractors – E & O Insurance

Professional Liability insurance, or Errors & Omissions Liability Insurance, can help protect construction contractors and your business against claims made by your clients that are not covered by general liability insurance. As a construction contractor, risks covered by Professional Liability can include budget underestimationstaff communication error and subcontractor late delivery. Whether it’s the client believing you were negligent about an aspect of your job or SOMETHING ELSE BIGGER; Cover Advantage can help provide you with the correct Professional Liability insurance.

Roles Covered

  • Architectural Engineers
  • Construction Managers
  • Construction Managers
  • Urban Planners

Applicable Types of Scenarios for Construction Contractors

Budget underestimation

  • You are working on a project. The budget you requested turns out to be too little due an abrupt change from a third party.

Staff communication error

  • You have employees installing a component for your client. Your employees install the component after speaking to your client about the installation. A miscommunication occurs within the conversation and the component ends up being installed incorrectly. The client now wishes to hold you accountable.

Subcontractor late delivery

  • Your client wishes to hold you accountable for the late completion of a project. You were late because a subcontractor failed to deliver a critical product or service on time.