Professional Liability Insurance for Consultants – E & O Insurance

Professional Liability insurance, or Errors & Omissions Liability Insurance, can help protect consultants and your consulting business against claims made by your clients that are not covered by general liability insurance. A claim as small as the client believing you violated good faith agreement; Professional Liability insurance will help protect you. As a consultant, Professional Liability coverage can include risks such as defamationslanderprofessional error and administrative error. Cover Advantage can provide you with the correct Professional Liability insurance for every business.

Applicable Types of Scenarios for Consultants

Defamation / slander

  • As a PR consultant for a client, you are interviewed about your client by the media after you provided services for them are over. The client claims your response was slander; damaging their reputation and costing them a sponsorship.

Professional error

  • As an HR consultant for a client, you make your best judgment based on a variety of factors and resources you have available to you. A client claims that you have provided them with an employee who does not meet the job description’s requirements.

Administrative error

  • You are accused of carelessness while processing data as there is an error either within some of the data entered or the method in which the data is transformed.