Engineer Contractors

Professional Liability Insurance for Engineer Contractors – E & O Insurance

Professional Liability insurance, or Errors & Omissions Liability Insurance, can help protect engineer contractors and your business against claims made by your clients that are not covered by general liability insurance. As an engineer contractor, Professional Liability can cover risks such as design errors/repairsbudget issues and late delivery.  For issues as simple as the client believing you violated good faith agreement; Cover Advantage will help protect you with the correct Professional Liability insurance.

Roles Covered

  • Chemical Engineers
  • Design Engineers
  • Electrical Engineers
  • Mechanical Engineers

Applicable Types of Scenarios for Engineer Contractors

Design errors/repairs

  • Your client believes he incurred a loss due to engineering drafts and blueprints containing an oversight.
  • Your client believes he must repair one of your submitted designs due to an error made in it.

Budget issues

  • Client believes you did not stick to the budget costing them more money.

Late delivery

  • Client believes that engineering submissions are causing a bottleneck on the project due to their delivery time.