Frequently Asked Questions


Cover Advantage is an online brand created for our web platform selling Professional Liability insurance, Commercial General Liability insurance and Directors and Officers liability insurance. “Cover Advantage” is a trade name of McLean Hallmark Insurance Group Ltd., a Toronto based insurance brokerage. The program is run by Easy Cover and is underwritten by Lloyds of London.

You cannot exclusively buy a CGL as Professional Liability (E&O) is the core product on Cover Advantage. You are able to add a CGL or Directors and Officers Liability policy if you wish however. We recommend  Bullfrog Insurance for a stand alone CGL policy. Bullfrog Insurance is an online brokerage that caters to the busy entrepreneur.

There is no difference in the core of what they cover. They are synonymous terminology used to describe  the same type of coverage; protection from lawsuits arising from your service or advice of alleging negligence, errors or omissions. Keep in mind that even when two policies cover the same core exposures, they are rarely identical.

Nope! This website has all the information you need to guide you through completing the process and receiving the coverage. Of course if you have questions, we’re still here to help; you can talk to a licensed broker at 416-364-4000 or 1-888-404-0000. Our office hours are 9:00am to 5:00pm from Monday to Friday.

You may receive in-depth explanations on the questions via the info buttons.  We ask that you answer them to the best of your ability and as truthfully as you can. If you still aren’t sure, feel free to contact us. Note that some of your answers will affect the rating and could change your given premium.

At the end of the quote you will have an option to ‘bind’ (meaning put the policy in force) and pay. The payment is taken from your credit card right then and there, and is completely secure.


Not at this time. Check back in the future.

Once you’ve clicked the bind button and paid for your policy, you are emailed a full copy of the policy immediately.


Keep in mind, “the whole process” takes about 10 minutes. But rest assured no, you don’t. We know you are busy running your business! Your policy automatically renews for another year, and your credit card will be charged within 7 days of expiry. You will receive email reminders (3 in total) starting 30 days before your policy expires. If you have any questions or need any changes made, just let us know. Note that it’s important you advise us of any material changes to your business operations or possible claims, as it could affect the continuation or rating of your policies.

Yes, you may cancel your policy at any time and will receive a partial return of the premium paid, based on time left on the policy (unearned premium) minus a 25% fee. This is standard insurance industry practice regarding the return of insurance monies when cancelled by insured’s. Keep in mind, you must have a valid policy in force at the time the claim is made or there is NO coverage. So – If you cancel your policy, and 2 months later you are sued, even if the damages allegedly occurred while your policy was in force, you will have NO coverage.

We currently collaborate with Lloyd’s Underwriters. Lloyd’s Underwriters are a group within Lloyd’s of London. Lloyd’s of London is one of the oldest and most well renowned insurance entities. They are quite unique in that they are an insurance market, rather than a standard insurance company. An insurance market is a host for a web of syndicates who align with one another to pool all of their resources with regards to insurance. Lloyd’s Underwriters is one of these syndicate groups within Lloyd’s of London. Cover Advantage is written by Easy Cover.

Let’s deal with the first part, first. There are a number of differences, but the main one is they provide coverage for entirely different types of liability. In fact, a CGL specifically excludes losses arising from services or advice you provide. A CGL will cover your business against claims brought by third parties for bodily injury, death or property damage they suffer as a result of your business operations or actions/inactions of you and your employees. These could arise on your premises, on public property or on a client’s site. An example would be you attend a client’s workplace to do a presentation, and while you are on lunch, the projector you brought malfunctions and overheats scorching their expensive boardroom table.

Professional Liability provides protection from financial liability arising out of the professional duty you owe your clients related to the service or advice you provide. For example; you make a bookkeeping error, which results in a client owing back taxes to the tune of $50,000 including interest and penalties. He sues you for your negligence. The Professional Liability (E&O) policy would respond.
Is a CGL (Commercial General Liability) policy all you need? That depends in part on what exactly you do, but if you provide a service or advice, without Professional Liability, you have gaps in coverage. A CGL is important protection as described above, but it will not protect you for suits arising from allegedly bad advice, or other negligence or mistakes that cost your client.

One more point to make, and it’s perhaps the MOST important one! You don’t have to actually have made any mistake, or done anything wrong to be sued. A Professional Liability policy will protect you in these circumstances too. Unfortunately, the mind frame ‘I’m good at what I do. It will never happen to me”
can end up being a very costly risk to take. To illustrate, let’s say you pay on average $1,200 premium per year for 15 years. With lawyers charging upwards
of $500 per hour, that gives you less than a weeks’ worth of legal expertise – not nearly enough. It’s easy to see how costly it is to have to defend yourself against
even a frivolous lawsuit, which in the absence of coverage means you are out of pocket.

You will have an opportunity to review the policy wording online, before you decide to buy, giving you an instant advantage only available with
Easycover. We’ve designed EasyCover to be a fully automated, simple, efficient way for business customers to access insurance coverage. The content on the
site is all written to a) provide important information about the coverage in easy to understand language and b) support the end customer through the quote
process. Even with all of that, sometimes you just need a bit more explanation or an answer to a question, and we’re happy to provide that when needed.