Finance Professionals

Professional Liability Insurance for Finance Professionals – E & O Insurance

Professional Liability insurance, or Errors & Omissions Liability Insurance, can help protect finance professionals and your business against claims made by your clients that are not covered by general liability insurance. As a finance professional, Professional Liability coverage can include risks such as administrative mistakes and missed deduction. It could be as small as the client believing you violated good faith agreement; Professional Liability insurance will help protect you.

Roles Covered

  • Auditors
  • Financial Analysts
  • Management Accountants
  • Financial Controller
  • Payroll Administrators

Applicable Types of Scenarios for Finance Professionals

 Administrative mistakes

  • A processing error is believed to cause you to lose a client. Your organization is now attempting to hold you accountable.

Missed deduction

  • You make a mistake calculating a client’s deductions causing them to pay the incorrect amount. When the mistake is discovered they are now on the hook for more money and late fees, they want to hold you responsible.