Professional Liability Insurance for Photographers – E & O Insurance

Professional Liability insurance, or Errors & Omissions Liability Insurance, can help protect photographers and your business against claims made by your clients that are not covered by general liability insurance. As a photographer, Professional Liability coverage can include risks such as third party late deliverywedding photography accidents and lost prints. Stay focused on your art, leave the liability to us!

Applicable Types of Scenarios for Photographers

Third party late delivery

  • Your third party printer does not print your client’s pictures on time. Your client is now holding you accountable for receiving their pictures late.

Wedding photography accidents

  • Your client has requested that you capture specific moments of their wedding. You fail to photograph every occasion they asked for. The client is now suing you for not meeting their requests.

Lost prints

  • You have misplaced your memory card containing your client’s photos. The client is now holding you accountable for their missing pictures.