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Professional Liability Insurance for Ontario Businesses (Errors & Omissions)

You work hard to keep your business moving forward. Unfortunately, without the proper protection in place, one claim of wrongdoing can bring your business to a screeching halt.

With Cover Advantage, you can secure affordable, reliable Professional Liability Insurance for your Ontario businesses completely online. In just a few minutes, you can apply for, purchase, and receive your policy, protecting you for liability arising out of the services or advice you provide to clients.

Backed by Lloyd’s of London — one of the world’s largest and most trusted insurance firms — Cover Advantage makes protecting your business safe, secure, and simple.


Why Buy Liability Insurance?

Even if a claim is completely unfounded, businesses facing a negligence lawsuit often find themselves on the hook for thousands of dollars in legal fees. Professional Liability policies — also known as Errors and Omissions Insurance (E&O) — cover all damages and legal expenses your business would face in the event that a client were to claim negligence on the part of you or your business.

Why put yourself and your business at risk? Cover Advantage makes it incredibly simple to get protected in minutes and ensure that one mistake or false accusation won’t slow your business down.

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Who Needs E&O Insurance in Ontario?

No matter what your industry, if you work with clients in some capacity you are likely at risk of a professional liability claim. From lawyers to contractors to IT consultants, Cover Advantage helps professionals in a wide range of fields get protected fast. Learn more about the industries we cover:

Supplement Your Coverage with General Liability and D&O Insurance

While E&O insurance can provide an invaluable safety net, many businesses can further benefit from supplementing their coverage to include Commercial General Liability (CGL) and Director’s and Officer’s (D&O) insurance. These coverages help extend your protections to claims made by third parties, including injuries or property damages.

Learn more about CGL and D&O insurance and how you can secure them affordably with Cover Advantage.

Get Covered Now

Business interactions get more complex every day and professional liability claims in Ontario continue to rise each year. Don’t leave your business at risk; get a free quote completely online and get protected today.

You will have peace of mind knowing that your coverage is backed by Lloyd’s of London, one of the world’s largest and strongest insurance companies.