Professional Liability Insurance in Guelph (E & O Insurance)

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While Guelph may be a small city, it is drawing big praise around the country for its wonderful living conditions and exciting opportunities. Hailed as BMO’s #1 city to find a job for 2016 and Reader’s Digest’s #3 city in Canada to raise a family, it should come as no surprise that families and businesses are flocking to Guelf fast.

With all this buzz happening around the humble city of Guelf, professional liability insurance has become a critical tool for consultants, manager, contractors and specialists who are looking to protect themselves from dangerous legal liability claims.

Who Needs Professional Liability Insurance in Guelph?

Also known as Errors and Omissions insurance, professional liability insurance protects professionals throughout Guelph against claims of wrongdoing or negligence. Even when a claim has no basis in fact, legal fees can often fall in the thousands.

As a city with one of the lowest unemployment rates in Canada, Guelph’s economy is extremely diverse, with no one industry supporting a massive segment of the city. This diversification is what makes Guelph so strong, but can often also make it hard to know what coverages you need.

Take a look at some of the key industries and professionals that receive a high number of E&O insurance claims in Guelph:

Construction Contractors

New businesses mean new development, and construction contractors must be prepared in case of a mistake.

New Media Professionals

The tech boom across Ontario has led to a need for designers, developers, and digital consultants who should be mitigating risk.

IT Contractors

Like new media professionals, developers and software engineers often run into miscommunications or unavoidable system failures..

Finance Professionals

Accountants, consultants and financial planners need coverage in the event of a clerical error or false claim.


No matter what the industry, managers can find themselves at risk even if the mistake is made by someone on their team.

Social Workers

Mental health counseling and education is a highly personal field and social workers often find themselves the target of blame.

Of course, these are just a sampling of the roles in Guelf that can benefit from E&O insurance coverage. Don’t make the mistake of assuming you are covered by traditional CGL insurance; take the time to protect your business.

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Bottom line: if you are working in Guelf or are planning to join the many professionals migrating to one of Canada’s most exciting cities to live and work, you owe it to yourself to make sure you are properly protected in the event of a small mistake or false claim. Take a few short minutes to get a free quote and secure your errors and omissions coverage online now.

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