Professional Liability Insurance in London (E & O Insurance)

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Since the economic crisis of 2009, few cities in the Ontario region have reinvented themselves the way London has. What was once a manufacturing center of Canada now plays home to a technology and creative revival that has new businesses flocking to the area.

As this wave of new business continues in London, professional liability insurance has become an essential asset for any serious contractor, consultant or specialist. From simple miscommunications to major mistakes, one claim of negligence can cost professionals dearly if they are not properly protected.

Who Needs Professional Liability Insurance in London?

In the midst of London’s economic revival, professionals from a wide range of industries are finding themselves in need of essential protections. From its manufacturing roots to its new wave of tech innovation, London plays home to professional such as:

Construction Contractors

Between planning projects, leading teams, working with subcontractors, and dealing with suppliers, construction contractors have plenty of moving parts to keep track of. Professional liability insurance can help London contractors protect themselves in the event of a miscalculation, mistake or false claim.

IT Contractors

With more than 300 tech companies established in London, IT professionals are seeing tremendous opportunities in the city — and with them come increased risks of negligence claims!

Social Services Providers

London’s medical industry is thriving and along with it comes a wealth of opportunity for social service providers of all kinds. Professionals in this industry need E&O coverage to protect against things like malpractice or errant documentation claims.

Of course, these are only a few of the professions in London that could benefit from professional liability coverage. New media professionals, managers, and contractors of all kinds should be taking the time to ensure their businesses are properly protected.

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