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All across Ontario, businesses are increasingly committing large amounts of time and resources toward a massive shift to digital media and emerging technologies. This exciting movement means tremendous opportunities for new media specialists — as well as a significant amount of risk.

Whether you run an independent business or are contracted to act as a consultant for a client’s brand, professional liability insurance helps new media professionals protect themselves from legal fees and damages that result from claims of negligence or wrongdoing. In a highly specialized — and often misunderstood — field, it is critical to minimize risk to keep your business going strong.

Common Risks for New Media Professionals

When you are at the forefront of new technologies or ideas, it is easy for clients to misunderstand your expertise or for unexpected complications to arise. With professional liability insurance, also known as errors and omissions insurance, new media professionals can avoid pricey legal battles that can potentially damage your reputation.

Take a look at some of the most common types of claims in which E&O insurance protects new media professionals as well as some sample scenarios:

Copyright infringement

As a graphic designer you are accused of copyright infringement for a visual element you use in one of your projects that you believed you could use for free.

Incorrect information

You do a write-up on a band to promote their debut album and mention a song which the band had cut. This causes confusion among the fans and the band claims they have received backlash and lowered sales.

Development errors

As a web developer, you develop widgets for a website. The widgets fail after you update the website and the client claims the website cannot meet its goals without their functionality.

Reputation damage

You are hired to manage social media accounts for a local politician and accidentally retweet an offensive post, damaging the client’s reputation and costing them votes.

Of course, as new media continues to evolve and accelerate every day, these examples barely scratch the surface of ways in which professional digital media professionals can find themselves in hot water. Don’t leave yourself at risk.

Who Does Cover Advantage Protect?

The definition of “new media” seems to change almost every day as new platforms emerge and new opportunities arise. Take a look at just a small sampling of the types of new media professionals that can benefit from errors and omissions coverage:

Graphic designers

Graphic designers

Web developers

Web developers

Branding consultants

Branding consultants


Bottom line: if you work closely with clients to develop creative materials, optimize web products, manage online communications, or build brands in any way, you likely can benefit from professional liability coverage.

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As a new media professional, staying ahead of the curve is essential for long-term success. It’s hard to stay ahead however when facing major setbacks due to a single mistake or even a completely false legal claim.

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