Professional Liability Insurance in Oshawa (E & O Insurance)

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As one of Canada’s most educated cities, Oshawa is a breeding ground for both tremendous business opportunities and incredibly innovative ideas. What was once the “Automotive Capital of Canada” is now a thriving centre of industry housing respected pockets for advanced manufacturing, health, technology, energy, information technologies, and logistics.

In the midst of this economic explosion of the past decades, new legal complications are also beginning to arise for professionals in Oshawa. Professional liability insurance can help Oshawa contractors, consultants and specialists protect themselves from claims of negligence or wrongdoing, potentially saving thousands of dollars and damage to their reputation.

Who Needs Professional Liability Insurance in Oshawa?

In such a diverse and ever-changing economy, it can often be difficult to know exactly what coverage you need. Many professionals believe that they are covered by traditional CGL insurance in Oshawa, when actually they can benefit far more from adding professional liability, also known as Errors and Omissions insurance.

Take a look at some of the key industries and professionals that receive a high number of E&O insurance claims in Oshawa:

IT Contractors

Those at the forefront of the tech revolution in Ontario are seeing tremendous opportunities. Unfortunately, they are also finding themselves the subject of negligence claims which can be damaging; even when they are completely untrue!


Whether focusing on business logistics, human relations or PR, consultants in Oshawa need to protect themselves in the event that their advice leads a client astray or a client believes it has.

New Media Professionals

Oshawa has repeatedly found itself as the backdrop for major Hollywood films, and a wave of new digital media channels is only building upon the region’s reputation as a new media hub. Professionals in this industry need to protect themselves in the event of small errors or miscommunications.

Of course, in such a densely populated region that is changing all the time, these are just a handful of the professionals that can benefit from E&O coverage. Don’t leave yourself at risk.

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