Professional Liability Insurance in St. Catharines (E & O Insurance)

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As the largest city in the Niagra Region of Ontario, St. Catherines is home to more than 133,000 people. This quaint but bustling town has built a reputation as a center for trade and automotive manufacturing, but in recent years has spread its wings into a wide variety of up-and-coming industries — many of which employ professionals who are unknowingly under-insured.

With fields like manufacturing, retail, education and health care booming in St. Catherines, professional liability insurance — also known as Errors and Omissions insurance — has become a core need for any serious professional determined not to let a single mistake or even a false claim set them back thousands or damage their reputation.

Who Needs Professional Liability Insurance in St. Catherines?

Errors and Omissions insurance covers legal fees and damages for contractors, specialists, and consultants in St. Catherines should they be sued for negligence or wrongdoing. While many professionals believe traditional CGL insurance will cover them in any event, the truth is often times E&O insurance is needed to properly protect their business.

Take a look at some of the key industries and professionals that receive a high number of E&O insurance claims in St. Catherines:

Social Workers

Over 19,000 people in St. Catherines are working in the health care and social services industries. Despite dedicating their career to helping others, social workers and mental health specialists often find themselves the target of harsh legal claims.

IT Contractors

Like much of Ontario, St. Catherines is seeing a major shift to technology enabled services. Contractors with IT skills are reaping the benefits, but also finding themselves the target of dangerous legal claims.


While new industries continue to grow, manufacturing and retail still rule St. Catherines. Managers in these fields assume the risk of both themselves and the teams they lead, exposing them to increased legal risk.

These of course are just a few of the many professionals that can benefit from professional liability insurance coverage in St. Catherines. Why leave yourself at risk when you could discover gaps in your coverage in just minutes?.

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