Professional Liability Insurance in Sudbury (E & O Insurance)

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Northern Ontario’s largest town of Greater Sudbury is home to more than 161,000 residents working across a wide variety of industries. Traditionally a mining town, Sudbury has transformed in recent years into a central hub for financial and business services, tourism, health care and research, education and government.

As the business landscape has evolved over time in Sudbury, professional liability insurance has become an essential tool for any serious contractor, consultant or specialist. Also known as Errors and Omissions insurance, professional liability insurance covers Sudbury professionals for all legal fees in the event of a claim of wrongdoing or negligence — even if the claim is false!

Who Needs Professional Liability Insurance in Sudbury?

With the vast majority of Sudbury’s population living in densely populated urban areas, businesses are emerging and reinventing themselves all the time. This means that professional roles are changing, giving rise to more and more claims of professional liability.

Take a look at some of the key industries and professionals that receive a high number of E&O insurance claims in Sudbury:

IT Contractors

Emerging technology is driving new jobs and business growth across Ontario. IT contractors in Sudbury need professional liability coverage to protect from claims resulting from system failures, data breaches or lost information.

Social Workers

Sudbury has become a major centre for health care in Ontario, including mental health professionals. These specialists need E&O coverage to fight claims like breach of privacy or ineffective treatment.

Finance Professionals

Sudbury is also known throughout the province for its up and coming finance sector. While there is tremendous opportunity for those with these skills, dealing with people’s wealth breeds plenty of room for negligence claims to arise.

Of course, these are just a small sampling of the job roles that can benefit from E&O coverage in Sudbury. Don’t leave yourself at risk of being charged thousands of dollars in legal fees, even if you’ve done nothing wrong.

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