One of my clients is requesting to be added to my coverage as an “Additional Insured”. And they want a certificate? I have no idea what that means??


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No problem! With Cover Advantage, “Additional Insured’s” are written into the Commercial General Liability and Professional Liability coverage. And, you can generate proof of coverage (commonly referred to as certificates) online, yourself, to provide to your clients.

First, let’s talk about what this means. Your clients whom you’re contracting with will ask to be added as Additional Insured’s because they want your policy to protect them in the event they are named in a lawsuit being brought against you for your negligence. Makes sense if you think about it; they (most likely) had nothing to do with your operations, they only hired you. So why should they suffer for your alleged mistake? Being added as an additional insured gives them protection under your policy for ‘vicarious’ liability that exists due to your relationship with them. The doctrine of “vicarious liability’ assigns liability to the person who did not directly cause the damages, but who has a particular legal relationship with the person who did act negligently. So, if they are brought into a suit for damages that arise due to your operations, your policy (not theirs) would respond on their behalf. This is common and accepted by most insurance companies. In addition, naming your client in a lawsuit is a common legal tactic to increase chances of success for the plaintiff and ensure there are funds (deep pockets) to pay for damages if awarded.

So, you need to show them proof that they are protected?  No problem!  You don’t need to play telephone tag with someone and wait days and days for a broker to add the Additional Insured and send you a certificate. You simply add it yourself online and are immediately emailed a certificate you can give to your client.

Good news and good news! Did you choose the right place to buy insurance or what!?!