Why wouldn’t I just go to a broker to buy this coverage?


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You could – here’s what that process typically looks like (despite brokers best efforts!) You spend an hour with a broker over the phone or in person discussing your business and answering a bunch of questions. The broker then emails you a 5 page Professional Liability application. (they are often much longer, depending on your industry). You spend another 2 hours trying to decipher the questions and fill it out.  You call the broker to get some assistance and get voice mail. A session of phone tag results over the next 2 days and you finally get in touch with them to complete the application. You spend another half hour on the phone getting answers to your questions and are finally able to send the application back to the broker. And now you wait some more! Maybe a week later you’ll get a yes or no back.  Assuming yes, you pay your premium and guess what – you wait again!  3-6 weeks later your policy arrives. Hooray!


You grab a coffee, sit at your kitchen table with your laptop, and go to www.coveradvantage.ca . You’ll answer 5 or 6 basic questions about your business, pay the premium indicated and are emailed the policy immediately, taking about 10 minutes out of your day.  Now that’s the way to buy insurance!