Professional Liability Insurance in Windsor (E & O Insurance)

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As Canada’s southernmost city, Windsor attracts visitors and professionals from around the world thanks to its beautiful scenery, safe neighborhoods, and storied history. While tourism still drives plenty of business in the region, a growing variety of emerging businesses has made it more complex than ever for professionals to navigate proper professional liability insurance in Windsor.

Professional liability insurance, also known as Errors and Omissions insurance, protects Windsor professionals from claims of wrongdoing or negligence — even if the claim is completely false. Why risk exposing yourself to thousands of dollars in legal fees and potentially irreparable damage by not exploring your coverage options?

Who Needs Professional Liability Insurance in Windsor?

Traditionally fueled by manufacturing (especially in the automotive industry), tourism and education, Windsor has seen a number of industries grow in both size and complexity — meaning greater incidences of legal claims. Some of the most pressing needs for Errors and Omissions insurance in Windsor today come from professionals such as:


Whether you are hired to film a wedding on the riverfront, document a breaking story or simply run a corporate shoot in Windsor, E&O insurance can provide security in the event of a false or unavoidable claim.

IT Contractors

New technology is driving significant development throughout Windsor. For those with expertise in IT and new media, proper protection is essential to defend against claims of copyright infringement, system failures, or security breaches.

Finance Professionals

This growing business sector in Windsor presents tremendous opportunity for those working both for large firms or as independent contractors. With that opportunity however, comes significant risk of claims being levied for miscommunications, missed deductions or administrative errors.

With over 200,000 residents in Windsor — and more arriving every day — these are only a small sampling of the types of professions that can benefit from professional liability coverage.

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If you have direct or indirect interactions with clients in some capacity, chances are you could benefit from errors and omissions coverage. Don’t make the mistake of assuming you are covered by traditional CGL insurance, which often leaves contractors and consultants at risk; take the time to learn more and get a free quote today.

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